HTML overview to System and Network Information Center
by Bernd Pissny ( / )


the teamA list of people who are currently are involved in programming.
always get the latest release from the SourceForge download section
ATTENTION UPGRADERS! If you upgrade to the 0.5.x from a 0.4.x or prior release you have to do some manual adaption due to the many changes in the directory layout.
CVS accessDescribes how to obtain the latest changes via the "cvs" command.
daily snapshot
(added 2004 / 07)
For your convenience we create daily CVS snapshots which you can download here.
output-exampleAn example of HotSaNIC's output graphs.
(probably not all modules are shown here)
A short introduction to HotSaNIC, installation hints etc.
A brief description on how the modules work and how to build your own.
OUT OF DATE! Please take a look at the Documentation directory shipped with HotSaNIC for more recent details on building modules.
Find out what changes were made in the different versions.
previous versions
(http directory)
An archive containing previous releases. Please get releases later than 0.4.x from the SourceForge download section of the HotSaNIC project.
Links to HotSaNIC-related webpages.

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