HTML overview to System and Network Information Center
by Bernd Pissny ( / )

HotSaNIC - CVS access

First of all i have to say: BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU DO!

Now that you've been warned, i'll explain how to retrieve files from the CVS server. There are two possibilities of accessing my CVS repository. First one is to use the cvsweb cgi on, the other is to use a CVS client of your choice on the sourceforge repository.

The "HEAD branch" (default) is the version we are currently working on. If you want to obtain it, please keep in mind that THIS IS >NOT YET< THE RELEASE-VERSION and may contain some serious bugs, though of course we try to keep the HEAD branch as stable as possible!

To obtain the latest version (i.e. the HEAD branch) using the console CVS client, please do the following:
(please note that the commands have to be in one line of course)

cvs -d login

then just press ENTER to send an empty password string and you will be (hopefully...) granted read-access to the CVS repository.

When no errors occured, type:

cvs -d co HotSaNIC

or (to speed things up a bit) you can use the compression parameter (requires gzip to be installed):

cvs -z3 -d co HotSaNIC

This will create a directory named "HotSaNIC" in the current directory and download all project-files.
After that you should do (from within the HotSaNIC directory):

cvs up -PdR

To get rid of directories which might have been used in a previous release but are obsolete now.

If you later want to upgrade to a new release you just have to enter this directory and type:

cvs up -r HEAD

or (compressed)

cvs -z3 up -r HEAD

This would update your copy to the most recent version.

If you want to check-out a release version, you may use the "-r" parameter, for example:
cvs -d co -r hotsanic-0.5.0-pre3 HotSaNIC

This would do almost the same as checking out the HEAD branch, but it will check-out only the files which are tagged with the "hotsanic-0.5.0-pre3" marker. This way you always can restore the original installation (if you didn't mess up the settings in between, that is...)

Versions newer than 0.3.5 are tag'ed correctly and may be checked-out without any problems. Tag-format is: HotSaNIC-x-y-z which represents the release-version HotSaNIC-x.y.z.tgz in my download section.