HTML overview to System and Network Information Center
by Bernd Pissny ( / )

HotSaNIC - the developers team

The people behind the magic.
Bernd PissnyDec 2000bernisys at prima dot deidea
initial programming
project coordination
Matt BurkeNov 2001matt at botchitt dot comBSD ports
Peter ReichDec 2001pr at alles dot prima dot deBSD ports
Benjamin MeyerNov 2002dev at rage dot prima dot deLinux
wrecking SNMP ;)
Everybody listed here will receive any mail sent to the project-address.
... hopefully ;)

In addition to the above list of main developers, there are many people out on the net all over the world which help us getting the project stable and submit many useful hints and tips for enhancements.
Many thanx to all the contributers out there!!!